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A Line Up of 20 Interesting Line Photos

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10 Tips to Always Look Good in Photos

As a photographer, you look great behind the camera, but what happens when the camera is pointing at you? A lot of photographers tend to freeze up, or go in for that fake, cheesy smile. But you’d be happy to know that you don’t need to be born photogenic in order to look nice in photos. Just follow these 10 simple tips to ensure that you’d always look good in front of the camera.


1.) Dress to impress

If you know that a photo opportunity will present itself at an event (which it always does), dress nicely. Try to avoid wearing stripey outfits, clashing colors or uncomfortable clothing and accessories. Keep it simple, neat and ironed. If you’re wearing something sheer, realize that it will become more transparent under certain lighting and camera flashes.

Photo thanks to g-mikee

2.) Do a quick check

If there’s a mirror around or a reflection, take a quick glance at yourself. Check that your clothes aren’t crumpled, hair’s not messed up or something stuck between your teeth. If you can’t find a reflection or there’s no time, ask the photographer to do a quick check.

3.) Don’t hunch

Slouching not only makes you appear shorter in photos, but often brings about unsightly stomach rolls too. Straighten up and stand tall, as if you’re head’s being pulled by a vertical string.

4.) Relax the shoulders

When we’re nervous or stressed, our shoulders automatically tense up without us knowing. Take notice of them and subtly roll them back and push them down.

5.) Think happy thoughts

There’s nothing worse than a forced smile, so think back to a moment when you were truly happy. That vacation you went on? Maybe last year’s Christmas celebration? Or that person you have a crush on? Hopefully that happy thought will bring a more genuine smile to your face.

Photo thanks to mcpeak_michael

6.) “Smeyes”

Model Tara Banks will always stress on the importance of smiling with your eyes (aka smeyes). If your lips are smiling but your eyes are all tensed up, you’d end up with an awkward photo. Simply relax the eyes and eyebrows and don’t strain your eyes trying to look at the camera. If needed, close your eyes for a second before opening them to take the photo.

Photo thanks to Sara* Eloise*

7.) Location, location, location

An interesting background can make a huge difference to the photo. Have a look at your surrounding and see if you spot anything intriguing. It can just be a textured wall or a colorful backdrop.

Photo thanks to Bzuk

8.) Strike a pose

No need to come up with the extreme poses you might find in fashion magazines. Maybe just twisting your body slightly, or putting your hands in your pocket. Also, have some fun with your poses or maybe interact with a prop or another person.

Photo thanks to Geekr

9.) Use the light

As a photographer, you know that lighting can make or break the photo. When you’re in front of the camera, make sure that the lights will hit your face at a desirable angle. For example, Standing directly under harsh lighting can make shadows appear under your eyes, so you may need to lift and tilt your face.

Photo thanks to Simon Pais

10.) Practice makes perfect

Yes, practicing in front of the mirror will make you a pro when you need to look your best in front of the camera. When you’re alone, practice a few poses, try out a few different smiles and work out your better looking side.

Photo thanks to another.point.in.time

source : http://www.photoble.com/photography-tips-tricks/10-tips-to-always-look-good-in-photos



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20 Stunning Photos Using Selective Color Technique

Last time we ran a Photoshop tutorial on how to apply a selective color effect to a photo. This time, we want to showcase some great photos that have actually applied the selective color technique.

Hopefully this photos will will give you some fun, unique and refreshing ideas for your next photo project. If you have any other great examples to show us, simply post up a link in the comment box. We go through all the comments (good and bad) daily and try to respond to all of them.

Happy Crayons, Selective Color by Patrick Powers

Dewy Pine Leaf Uncurling
 by DrWurm

 by melanieburger

Hide n’ Seek
 by Socceraholic

Selective Colors
 by Fr Antunes

 by dModer101

Experiment with sepia and color
 by Lisa’s {names}aka.Santacrewsgirl

Tiger Lily
 by jblaha

698 Alien
 by Voyageur Solitaire-mladjenovic_n

Selective colour Manchester City Centre
 by settme3

Selective color bonnets
 by Mike D’Angelo

Transparent Butterfly
 by thefost

 by FranUlloa

Supersonic Tram
 by mescon

Secret Lemonade Drinker
 by Compound Eye

Jacobs Field-The View Through Kevin’s Sunglasses
 by laffy4k

 by JKim1

Neus a la Seu de Lleida
 by · 7

 by roger.moffatt

You don’t need Photoshop to produce this effect. A lot of digital cameras these days have a selective color setting you can use. The below photo is shot by Taispy using her Canon IXUS point-and-shoot camera, no post-processing has been applied.

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6 Golden Hour Photography Tips- Create Exquisite Photos Without Expensive Lighting

We all know that not enough lighting can ruin a photo. However, harsh direct sunlight can also a wreck a photo – overexposed, too much contrast, intense highlights and shadows.

Golden hour (aka magic hour) is around the first and last hour of sunrise and sunset. The sunlight during those hours creates soft warm hues, as oppose to the overtly bright tones you’d find during midday.

Don’t be surprised to find more landscape photographers during golden hours. The sun illuminates buildings and landscapes with a desirable red and orange tint. You’d often notice in films how they also deploy this technique to capture breathtaking scenes of the ocean, countryside or cityscape.

How to shoot during golden hours

1)    Check the times of sunrise or sunset in your local area
Don’t just assume. Also check the weather forecast. If it’s very cloudy or there’s a chance of rain, you won’t be able to see the golden hour.

2)    Arrive early
Don’t let the name fool you as sometimes you’d have less an hour to capture the photos in the warm tones. Especially during the Winter months. Getting there early means you won’t be rushed setting up your gear or adjusting camera settings.

3)    Turn off auto white balance 
Manually adjust the white balance to create the color mood you desire. Or, you can also experiment with the auto-presets such as ‘sunny’ or ‘daylight’.

4)    To light up your subject in the foreground 
Set EV (exposure value) to +1, +2 or +3. Alternatively, you can also slow down your shutter speed or use a fill flash.

5)   To create a shadow effect with your foreground subject
Set EV to -1, -2 or -3. You can also choose to make your shutter speed faster.

6)    Use a tripod
You would produce clearer images and capture more vibrant colors.

Here are some examples that would hopefully inspire you to get shooting during the golden hours!

Walking with the saints
 by mugley
Walking with the saints

Tranquil Waters of Nasugbu
 by justinjovellanos
Tranquil Waters of Nasugbu

Portal de l’Àngel – Barcelona
 by MorBCN
Portal de l'Àngel - Barcelona

Magic Kingdom
 by Peter E. Lee
Magic Kingdom

Lifestyle by emeahacheese (MAHS)

Glowing Sails by cobalt123
Glowing Sails

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